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    Bora is an indian man and ally of Goku

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    Bora first appears when he finds the 4 Star Dragon Ball, and is drawn into battle with Captain Yellow and battalion of his Red Ribbon Army Soldiers invade the Sacred Land of Korin in a search for the ball. He quickly defeats the soldiers, but is forced into surrender by Yellow's threatening of his son Upa. The situation is quickly resolved when Goku arrives saving Upa's life and gaining the Dragon Ball in appreciation of his help. Bora however soon killed by his own spear when he intervened with Mercenary Tao who had arrived to kill Goku. He then gained his revenge after he trained with Korin, he defeated Tao and the entire Red Ribbon Army in retribution before using he Dragon Balls to wish Bora back to life. Bora later assists Goku and Yajirobe in climbing Korin's Tower so an injured Goku could be healed, by launching the two miles up into the air.

    Bora was later among those killed when Buu destroyed the Earth, but revived once again by the Dragon Balls.He then was among those who gave their energy to Goku for his Spirit Bomb in order for him to finally defeat Buu.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bora while being human is also one of the most physically strong humans to be shown, although not to the extent of those like Yamcha or Krillin. Also his heavily muscled body appears to give him increased durability, as bullets were shown not to hurt him.


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