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    Bootle Beetle was a supporting character of Donald Duck in a number of films. In comic books the Beetle mostly appeared as a supporting character to Bucky Bug.

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    Bootle Beetle was introduced in the cartoon short "Bootle Beetle" (1947). He first appears as an elderly Beetle who encounters a much younger one. The youth is running away to find his own way. The elder then narrates a cautionary tale from his youth. He had run away to find his luck. Instead he had found persistent bug collector Donald Duck. The short continues with Bootle's continuing efforts to escape his pursuer. When the tale ends, the youth is curious about the fate of Donald. Only to have an elderly Donald appearing, still looking for Bootle Beetle. He was really persistent.

    Bootle returned in "Sea Salts" (1949). Donald and Bootle appear as elderly, retired sailors who reminisce fondly of the days of their youth. The short had a nostalgic atmosphere and was the only one featuring the duo as friends. His last film appearance was "The Greener Yard" (1949). Bootle prevents his grandson Ezra from entering the neighboring yard. The grass may seem greener but the neighbor is dangerous Donald Duck. Bootle offers a cautionary tale of how he entered the yard as a youth and barely escaped with his life.

    Bootle first appeared in comic books in an adaptation of his film appearances. But he was added to the supporting cast of Bucky Bug in 1947 and made regular appearances to 1950. However since only a hand full of Bucky Bug stories were created during the 1950s and the protagonist has only made irregular appearances since then, the supporting cast seems to be following his fate.


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