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It's back to the present for Booster Gold! But history has changed, and not for the better. The new man in charge is Maxwell Lord, and his army of O.M.A.C.s won't stop until Booster is dead.

Plus, the return of Supernova!

In the time stream, Rip Hunter is in his sphere with Daneil Carter, Rose Levin and Skeets. History is changing thanks to Booster Gold having saved Ted Kord from Maxwell Lord. A time storm is coming and Rip gives Daniel a new Supernova costume.

In the present, Booster and Ted are being chased by OMACs. Booster is surprised because he thought they had all been stopped. History has been changed. Ted calls up one of his spare bugs to fly them out of there. Because Max had used some of Kord Industry tech, Ted is able to reprogram the OMACs into thinking they're just another OMAC flying around.

At the Chessmate headquarters in the Swiss Alps, Max receives an update on the deceased heroes, including Dr. Mid-Nite, Black Lightning, Lightning, Thunder, Nightwing, Cyborg, Black Canary, Hawkgirl and most recently Kyle Rayner (with his ring now in their possession). He then gets word that Booster and Blue Beetle are still alive. He wants them found.

Ted and Booster discover that every major city is being watched over by OMACs. Max is in complete power. Ted picks up a distress signal from England coming from the old Justice League International headquarters. They sneak inside through a tunnel Aquaman had installed. Inside they find Catherine Cobert, their old liaison.

Catherine fills them in on what has happened when the OMACs began hunting down the heroes. Brother EYE took out the JLA watchtower and several heroes are either dead or missing. It seems that Batman is gone and Superman has become Max's secret weapon. Max is controlling him with his mind powers. Catherine tells them that there's been rumors of a resistance growing which is why she activated the old distress signal.

Ted tells Booster that they need to get to Rip's time sphere and fix things. When Catherine overhears this, she transforms into an OMAC and attacks them. It's a trap! Booster tries contacting Skeets to send them some help as they are now targeted for elimination. As they begin fighting the OMAC, things appear really bad by the two heroes that arrive to help them. Green Arrow and Hawkman are working side by side.

250 million years ago, the Black Beetle shows up and takes Booster's dad (in the old Supernova suit) to the Vanishing Point. A meeting of the Time Stealers is now in session.


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As much fun as this series has been since it debuted, I've been concerned that its "Time Travel Complication of the Month" premise might grow a bit stale eventually. Thankfully, as the series progresses, writers Geoff Johns and Jeff Kats seem to be focusing more and more on the larger picture behind Booster Gold's haphazard adventures through time, giving the series' overall story some dramatic weight and intrigue besides "I wonder what sort of mess Booster will get himself into next?" That ques...

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