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Dirk and Trixie start asking questions about Booster's past, Booster faces Mr. Twister in a hostage crisis, and the Boostermobile is unveiled in "Face Off."

There is a hostage situation at the Metroplex in Metropolis. Mister Twister is going to set off a bomb as big as a Zamboni. Everyone in the hockey rink is horrified when twister murders one of the hockey players. Several officers including Lieutenant Rogers are outside planing how to bring down a terrorist armed with a dead man switch. Booster arrives and offers his help but booster is told to he “ain't Superman” “so quit trying” by Lieutenant Rogers. Booster ignores Rogers and with the help gets into the hockey rink. Mister Twister knows something is up when his radar device beeps. Mister Twister just levels his gun at the hockey team and threatens to shoot unless the intruder shows himself.

Meanwhile Dirk Davis stops by Trixie and Jeanie Collins apartment when he hears the news that Booster is in a hostage crises at the Metroplex.

Back at the rink Mister Twister tells the hockey players to beat up booster or he'll star shooting the crowd. Booster rolls with the punches until he gets a shot off penetrating the transformer box. This turns out all the lights and Mister Twister sets off the bomb. Booster picks up the bomb and is shot at all the while by Mister Twister. Booster crashes though the roof with the bomb and quickly flies into the sky. Skeets meanwhile shoots Mister Twister stunning him. Just after that the bomb goes off and everyone looks worried about booster. There is a long pause and the Booster shows up with a very singed cape, and asks Lieutenant Rogers what he thinks now.

Back at the Collins apartment Dirk and Trixie start to talk about Booster after is has been revealed he is alright. Trixie wonders were Booster comes from.

Booster goes back home to rest and looks at a photo orb of his mother and sister. He makes reference to loosing everything he had once and is worried that might happen again. Then he goes to sleep only to be awaken by Dirk and Trixie. They wanted to tell him his Boostermobile is ready. Booster does not take long to take it for a joy ride.

In this issue Both Trixie Collins and Booster's Sister are seen but not in their Goldstar Costume. Senator Ballard is also in the book out of costume. He is really the Director of the 1000. Also, Ranzee is the alien approaching earth at the end of the comic.



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