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A nice Flashpoint tie-in

I'm actually enjoying DC's Flashpoint event and Booster Gold seems to be playing a prominent role in it. Booster Gold's series is flying under the radar of many but it should be read. Along with Flash, Booster is the only DC hero that understands the timeline is messed up. That story continues in "Booster Gold" #45. 

Dan Jurgens handles this book and it's a well constructed issue. Booster is still trying to piece together what has happened to the world he knows. He's mistaken as an Atlantean scout and attacked by the military. This is one area where the story is a little goofy. Apparently the military is incredibly reactionary. Without any real reason or provocation, they see Booster as a threat and attack. While this does give us some good action and a pretty cool military "weapon", it seems a little rash. Otherwise the story is solid and features some good character interactions and some nifty detective work as Booster begins to hypothesize as to what has happened. 

The book also looks really good. The art is slick and polished with great character details, vibrant colors, and some good action panels. 

I've never been the biggest Booster Gold fan but I'm enjoying this book and what it offers to the Flashpoint world. This is worth picking up, especially if you're interested in the DC event.

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