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Okay ..... im impressed.

Issue #42 of Booster Gold. 
The Story: Booster comes back to Arizona since as he says it it's time travel so even if he stay's in jail for 5 years he can comeback 5 seconds later and he explains to Michelle why Rip wanted him to go to jail.In jail Booster's new cellmate the Perforated man starts talking to hi and then they start fighting and at the end we find out that the Perforated Man is actually

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Booster,since as he explains it Dr.Nishtikeit injected him with some sort of virus that makes him go to different points in time at every second of his life andit's giving him time traveling warts.
The Good: I was really,really,really suprised about why Booster had to go to jail.It was an extremely well tought out reason and it made it had a really aspect to it that you can only do with time travel and I will take back everything I said about this arc being stupid.It also had another cute scene with Booster and Rani.And Batista's art is always good. 
The Bad: My problem is from a purely time travel aspect.Like since they are the same person from different points in time should't there be some after effects of them punching each other since if you watched the season 5 finale of Doctor Who you would know when the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver touched Rory's screwdriver given by him by a future version of the Doctor (it makes sense in context) there was some backlash to it but whatever. 
The Verdict: All in all this was a great issue making up with the stupid premise and delivered a great moment and twist with the whole seeing death in front of you.This is a buy.

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