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Booster Gold #41. 
The Story: Dr.Nishtikeit attacks Rips lab and Michael gets sent to jail in the 25th Century. 
The Good: Its good that Giffen and DeMatteis adresses and shows that after the events of Daxam Rani would be traumatized.Also Nishtikeit is hilarious for beliving that Booster is his mortal enemy (that would be either Max Lord or Black Beetle).The art is good as always and there are funny moments as well. I also liked the introduction to Michaels cellmate,he looks really creepy and intimidating to me.
The Bad: I hate the whole "Michael has to go to jail to pay for the fact that his origin is that he stole his equipement",hell in the book Michelle says that Booster shouldn't go since he did so much good with his superhero career.Also the whole runing gag that everybody says that Booster is kinda/sorta a hero wich really annoyed because HE IS A HERO AND HAS PROVED THAT MANY TIMES OVER.He has saved the world witht the JLI and JLA tons of times,saved and time and recreated the 52 Multiverse in 52 and is now saving time on a constant basis in his series. 
The Verdict: It's an okay issue with good humour and art but the story arc we are given here is really stupid and I just want it to be over so we can get Jurgens and Rapmund back on the book.This isn't a buy.

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