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Booster Gold Vs. Nazis (AGAIN)

The Good: The cover is a very understated kind of neat. It seems like it could easily be a panel, but it spotlights the character centrally and subtly highlights the issue's villains without seeming like they're taking a cheap way out. It's not one of the coolest covers ever, but the nice layout of it will give it a place in my hall of covers. 
The art's really nice as usual.
I've always been supportive of Rani's place in the cast, but she really struts her stuff here. She's the central focus of the emotional aspect of this issue and really drives Booster's character development, and summarizes some of the self-discovery Booster's gone through over the past arc. But what really hit me was her breakdown when Nishtikeit attacked. The way it called back to the slaughter on Daxam and forced Booster to go into overload made for an incredibly emotional scene. 
An interesting subtle little plot point sets up future storylines.
The Bad: The beginning addresses the end of the last issue, but completely negates the cliffhanger, and creates an awkward transition between the 2 issues. 
Something rubs me the wrong way about the character at the end laugh with a 'Bwa-ha-ha.' Considering who's writing this, a 'Bwa-ha-ha' is going to instantly evoke thoughts of Ted Kord. 
In Conclusion: 4.5/5 
Griffen/DeMattis and Batista have delivered another dynamite issue. The laughs are all intact, and the emotional tension to summarize Boosters character development was well emphasized and between-the-lines summarized. Things are light and fun, but not afraid to get serious.

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    Booster Gold #41.  The Story: Dr.Nishtikeit attacks Rips lab and Michael gets sent to jail in the 25th Century.  The Good: Its good that Giffen and DeMatteis adresses and shows that after the events of Daxam Rani would be traumatized.Also Nishtikeit is hilarious for beliving that Booster is his mortal enemy (that would be either Max Lord or Black Beetle).The art is good as always and there are funny moments as well. I also liked the introduction to Michaels cellmate,he looks really creepy and in...

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