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Booster is maturing.

Issue 39 of Booster Gold. 
The Story: It seems that Rani has been trying out the Goldstar costume but can't use it well abd gets punished by Michelle then Booster goes on patrol in Ted's old hometwon and runs into a young robber wanting to become a superhero but Booster stops him.Then he goes to Ted's grave and mourns and back in Arizona and has a father/daughter moment with Rani.We also have a scene with some two guys talking about General Glory being dead and Booster still being active and wanting to stop him. 
The Good: This issue was hilarious as always with Giffen and DeMaitteis writing.The scene in the cemetary was extremely emotional and touching,also the rant that Booster gave about how some of the heroes come back and some don't was really poignant and this gives him great character development.Also the scenes with Rani were still funny and touching showing how Booster might become a father figure to her giving him more responsibilities and him saying that you never really get over somebody dying but just learn to live with it seems to be true to those that live trough it.Also the art is great as always,giving all the characters realistic body's and the facial expressions are very detailed. 

The Bad: The inking and colouring seemed off to me.Also the thing with the kid calling himself "The Booster" was very cheesy but in the good way.Also this issue can easily become irrelevant if Ted ever comes back to life wich hopefully wont happen for a while at least. 
The Verdict: This was an awesome issue filled with nothing but laughs and emotions with great character development for Booster Gold.This issue is a definite buy.

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