Booster Gold #38

    Booster Gold » Booster Gold #38 - Glory Days! released by DC Comics on January 1, 2011.

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    What do Booster Gold and World War II have in common? Not a lot. What do Maxwell Lord and World War II have in common? Quite a bit, actually. Join Booster, Skeets and (Heaven, help us) General Glory as they take on Nazis, mad scientists and whatever else we can throw in. Oh yeah, and Booster is forced to make a choice that could alter the DCU forever… 


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    The Word of the Day Is, 'Immaturity' 0

    The Good: I might have to give up trying to review this series. What more can I say about each other other than 'It's hilarious beyond all reason.' ? (Spoiler Alert, this issue is also funny beyond all reason.) I have no idea who General Glory is, and I don't care. All I know is that he's the only guy more hilarious and pretentious than Booster Gold himself. The man is absolutely nuts. And it's clear. And it's so funny. Booster once again displays his genius use of time travel to 'cheat.' It's g...

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    Booster Gold in WWII 0

     Cover- I love the cover Gold is coneived as a screwball and dosn't take anything seriously but this shows how gold is a patriot and takes things serious  Art- Perrotta dose a great job on the artwork i like how he depicts booster time travaling. Gerneral Glory and ernie are colored and how when gold blew up the nazi tank  the story- it starts off when gold returns from the darkstars ship with the kinda/sorta/but not-quite book of destiny (great name BTW) he gives it to beatle then gose into the...

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    What,no Nazi scalping ? 0

    Issue 38 of the Booster Gold series.  The Story:We start with Booster retrieving the "Kinda/sorta/but not-quite Book of Destiny" from the Darkstars evidence facility,gives it back to Ted and goes to the present and learns that Rani has left in a Time Sphere to World War II Italy.When he arrives in Itally he gets shot by a sniper and meets his old JLI team member General Glory and his teenage sidekick Ernie.When he meets him he learns that the Nazi's has taken a Red Cross camp and they also took ...

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