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The shocking events of JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST leave Booster Gold bloody and beaten, and the only way for him to put right what went wrong and save the people he loves is to travel back into the past. But what happens when Booster comes face-to-face with himself and Justice League International?"

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Review: Booster Gold #33 0

Booster must go back in time in order to prove of Maxwell Lord's existence in this literally laugh out loud issue of Booster Gold.... BRIGADOOM! The Good There's a lot of comics out there that I've heard people say are funny, and then I read them quickly learning that they are not funny at all. This book actually is funny. It makes me LLOL. (Literally laugh out loud) Most of this issue is Booster Gold being Booster Gold, meaning he's just hanging out in costume talking to other costumed her...

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Booster is having a tough time 0

After the events of the last issue and “Justice League International: Generation Lost,” Booster Gold is not feeling so hot. Over the course of his series, Booster has seemed to come to terms with the fact that everyone must remember him as fame-seeking joke of a superhero so that he can travel through time with Rip Hunter (his future son) and be a true hero who makes a difference. The problem in this issue is that people believe that the short-lived Justice League International was a bunc...

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