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When Booster Gold learns of Batman's death, he visits the Batcave, but runs into a new Dark Knight. Fists will fly and Batman will die…again! And in the debut of a new 10-page co-feature, Blue Beetle is back! While enjoying a peaceful lunch with his friends, Jaime Reyes and all of El Paso, Texas are attacked by a marauding 50-foot robot, and only Blue Beetle can stop this mechanized monster.

Booster Gold

Rip Hunter discovers that someone else is one Vanishing Point and tries to track them down. He learns that Batman is "dead' and that the intruder is the Black Beetle. He barely escapes and calls Booster to his Time Lab. Once Booster arrives, from saving a elevator full of people without getting credit, the two Time Master argue over Batman's death. Rip insists that Booster go to the batcave and steal back the pictures of him trying to save Barbara Gordon.

Once in the cave Booster is jumped by Batman, who is later revealed as Dick Grayson. The two of them fight over the file mark Booster and Booster is forced to explain what he tried to do those years ago. Booster is about to revelto Dick that he isn't the fool everyone thinks he is the Black Beetle intrupts. Booster and Dick are too much for the villian and he escapes. Booster thinks he won but realizes Dick is gone and there are two Robin costumes in the classes behind him.

Skeets informs him the Black Beetle has changed history, and Dick had died at some point earlier.

Blue Beetle

Jamie, Paco and Brenda are hanging out at El Diablo when Thinko attacks the city. Jamie jumps into action and three hours later he has destoried the robot. The three friends go to see Doctor Alan Von Neumann, the man whose father was responsable for the first time the Robot attacked the city. He explains that he's been locked up and had nothing to do with the attack. The three friends are late for school and have to leave.

Outside of school Jamie confides in Paco that the scrab has been more "bloodthristy". He about to tell Paco a secret when they are attacked by a fleet of Unimates.


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