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It's a "Fresh Start" for Booster as he holds a press conference, unveils his new headquarters and reveals his business plans.

Booster Gold is back home after a time traveling adventure. His agent and manager Dirk Davis found him a new home and base of operations that will be better secured and safer than their old location at Reilleau Towers. Booster meets with his most trusted friends about the future of Goldstar Inc. For starters Goldstar Inc. is now Booster Gold International. After showing them the layout and operations of the new building they talk about a new mode of operation for the company. He even hires Jack Soo to run a high-tech research company he acquired from S.T.A.R. Labs. The meeting ends with Monica Lake barging into the private meeting.

Later Booster has a public engagement were he tells the press that he is going to rebuild a new building called Goldstar Tower on the spot were the old Reilleau towers stood. The press conference is interrupted by all things an out of control blimp. Booster thinks that it will go up like the Hindenburg but he has obviously gotten his history wrong. In any case he saves every one and gets good press out of his good deed.

When he gets back to the office he finds out that his forcefield is hurting him by keeping it on all the time. His twin sister also tells him that she wants to see the world and Booster is glad to help her.

At the end of the day the former Goldstar; Trixie Collins is at home when Dirk Davis shows up with his daughter. They make small talk and decide to all go out with each other.

In Nepal Cheshire is on a mission for the U.S.S.R. To retrieve a book after her success she is contacted and ask to get a deadly formula. The formula was created by a doctor at U.S. Biotech. This doctor has convinced Hawk to help him implement it and Hawk agrees.

That night Maxwell Lord breaks into Booster's home to invite him into the Justice League. As you can guess Booster is thrilled with the news.

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