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Boost-ed Gold

In this Issue:
To try and right a temporal error, Booster and his sister travel back in time to a job that Killer Moth had taken at a museum and was broken up by Batman.  By the end of the issue Killer Moth (who is really Booster) is taken down by Batgirl (who is really Michelle) and Elvis (who is really Booster again).
The Writing:
I think the appeal of this book for me is all the time travel stuff.  It really lets you dip your fingers into a lot of really cool possibilities.  Sometimes it kinda makes me think about the good old days with the "What If?" comics from Marvel.  The only bad part I think is that there seems to be an excessive amount of time travel going on here and it's leading to a bit of confusion.  Chuck Dixon is a great writer and everything, but I don't think I'll be able to completely wrap my head around this one until I've read the whole of it.
The Art:
I remember growing up reading a lot of comics with Dan's art in them.  I still hold him up as a pinnacle artist for the 80's/90's era.  The only thing that I'm kinda gets me about Dan's art lately is that he doesn't take any chances.  He's kinda stuck in this safe zone and because of it I'm never surprised by him.
The Final Verdict:
I'm giving it three and a half stars because we've got a great writer who's confusing us with a bit too much time travel and an a classic artist that doesn't surprise.

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