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Guest writer Chuck Dixon jumps into the Timestream to tell a tale of Booster Gold and Batman! When Booster is charged with stopping a time-traveling villain from Batman's past, he must travel back in time and go undercover as Killer Moth to stop this mystery man from destroying Gotham City! Guest-starring Batgirl! 
Years ago when Dick Grayson was Robin and Barbara Gordon was still Batgirl, Killer Moth and his gang tried to rob the Gotham City Musuem, with the help of Wiley Dalbert, a time traveling villian.  Their robbery is inturrupted by Batman, Robin and Batgirl.  Batgirl destroys one of Wiley's devices and the Bat family disappear from time.  
Rip Hunter forces Booster Gold to fix this new tear in time.  Booster waits for Wiley to hire Killer Moth for the heist and then he knocks Killer Moth out and takes his place.  
When Batman shows up Booster, dressed as the Moth, defeats him and lets Wiley and the crew get away.  But when he returns to the present thinks are worse.   
Killer Moth rules Gotham and Batman never existed.  Rip decides the only way to fix this new problem is for Booster to go back again and foil the robbery as Batman. 
Rip, Booster and Goldstar head back to the past and the bat cave but are surprised by Alfred.  Rip is shot and Booster and Goldstar are held at gun point by Alferd.


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Guess which book might get dropped from my pull list... 0

When the first issue of this book came out, I told people, "This is the best first issue of a series in years." And I stand by that, 100%. However, I'm bored... Dixon did nothing for me in this issue, I ended up skipping over panels... I couldn't handle it anymore. I don't want to read this book anymore. However, it has my old two issue clause, where I won't drop an issue unless three issues in a row suck... Well, strike one Booster... I couldn't care less about this story, it bored the hell out...

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