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In order to correct the past and save the future, Booster Gold faces a startling reality — someone from his past must live and someone must die! Can the greatest hero the world has never known do what must be done to save all of time? 
Rip Hunter, Daniel Carter, and Rose Levin arrive back at the present after a quick trip in the time stream, to discover Rip's Lab a mess.  The time sphere Booster used to travel the tim e stream in, is destroyed.  Rip's blackboard has also changed.  Rip decides that to save the present the three need to correct Booster's future. 
Meanwhile in space on Brother Eye's station The Justice League International, and Superman battle the Time Stealers. 
Booster learns that his father, Jonar is being controlled by Mr Mind, and it's been Mr Mind behind everything the past year. 
Meanwhile Rip and Rose steal a time sphere for Brainiac 5 and return it to Boosters present. 
Booster defeats Mr Mind but Blue Beetle realizes the only way to save his friends is for him to go back in time and die at the hands of Max Lord.   
The last scen is Blue Beetle going back in time and Booster being engulfed by a white light.


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