First Look: Boom! Studios' "Hunter's Fortune"

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 Are you a fan of "Eureka"? If so, then you might enjoy "Hunter's Fortune," the latest comic from Boom! Studios which will be debuting this October! Writer Andrew Cosby claims that this new series is comparable to a cross between Indiana Jones and Chuck, and is something he is really looking forward to!

Eureka TV show creator Andrew Cosby's new adventure comedy HUNTER'S FORTUNE debuts this October, scripted by Caleb Monroe (THE REMNANT) with interior art by superstar newcomer Matt Cossin and A covers by JONAH HEX's Phil Noto.

A careful-what-you-wish-for adventure, HUNTER'S FORTUNE follows down-and-out slacker Hunter Prescott as he inherits a vast fortune - but there's a catch. Hunter has to pick up where his famous treasure-hunting benefactor left off - and find the one artifact Uncle Max never could!

The series will consist of four parts, written by Andrew Cosby, with art by Matt Cossin. Are you looking forward to the release? Check out the previews below and let us know what you think!

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a part of me explodes with happiness when i nice simple art. it feels like it was drawn a person who could make mistakes.

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looks like fun

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This does sound pretty interesting. I do love the Eureka series on SciFi, or SyFy as it now calls itself. I am NOT a fan of reality TV shows and so many of my favorite scripted shows have disappeared. Only to be replaced with idiotic fake dating shows, but I digress.
The red head looks like she had botox treatment. She looks surprised in every panel. Can't say I'm looking forward to this, but it looks like I may check it out.

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The guy on the first thumbnail looks exactly like John Krasinski.

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This actually looks pretty tight, leave it to BOOM! 

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