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    The false Shepherd of Columbia who went to retrieve Elizabeth to wipe away his debts.

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    Booker DeWitt is a war veteran of the Battle of Wounded Knee. He had a daughter that he lost to a man named Comstock and his mind was wiped of that daughter. He refuses to have any baptisms performed on him.

    Main Story Arc

    Booker owes debt to Robert Lutece and Rosalind Lutece. They tell him that to wipe away his debt he must go to The Sky City of Columbia and grab a girl and bring her back to them. He goes to a lighthouse and that shoots him up into sky city and begins searching for the girl.

    He saw a monument in Sky City and they said she would be in the monument. When he made it to the monument, he did find her, but he found out that she had a bodyguard, Songbird, and the girls name was Elizabeth Comstock. He and Elizabeth were chased out of the monument, but they do not escape Songbird. While on a bridge, Songbird crashes through the bridge sending Elizabeth and him into the water. They both eventually wash up on shore. He had the girl so now he just had to get the girl to Robert and Rosalind.

    Booker's best bet was a blimp to leave sky city. Elizabeth and him hijacked the blimp and Booker convinced Elizabeth was going head towards France, but instead headed towards America to pay his debt.

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    That didn't really matter, because Songbird intercepted them and crashed the blimp into the a building in Sky City. And they have to escape Sky City again.

    While there, he comes across all the history Comstock (the founder of Sky City) has rewritten and with that, an old war buddy. Cornelius Slate was his name. Cornelius had gone mad to all the problems of sky city and he gave Booker a choice, to kill him or to let him live. Booker let him live and continued his search to get out of Sky City.

    They go on a quest to kill Comstock who is on a gigantic ship over sky city. Elizabeth and him eventually make it to the ship and confront Comstock. Booker realizes Elizabeth is his daughter and remembers who he is. He kills Comstock and tells Elizabeth that he wants to fix her life.

    Elizabeth opens a rift in between dimensions and goes to where Booker was suppose to get a baptism. If Booker took the baptism, he would've became Comstock. This time he takes the baptism, but is drowned for both versions of Booker had to die to fix her life. Booker does die.

    Powers & Abilities

    Vigors are these drinks that gives you a certain power for each hand.

    Devils kiss- This gives Booker the power to wield fire and when he holds it, it charges the fireball into a time bomb.

    Bucking Bronco- Booker can manipulate gravity on certain objects or gravity.

    Charge- Booker can summon a ram head to slam his enemies into buildings/explosives etc.

    Murder of Crows- Booker can summon a flock of crows, eating his enemies flesh from the bone. Level 2 crows can have the crows nest in the bodies of their victims and explode out when an enemy is near.

    Possession- Booker can possess enemies with this vigor. The enemy will, in turn, fight for him.

    Undertow- Booker can shoot a concentrated burst of water from his hands, sending them flying.

    Booker using return to sender
    Booker using return to sender

    Return to Sender- Booker can catch any type of energy into his hand and sender the force back at the sender.

    Shock Jockey- Booker can control electricity with his hands.

    Weapon Expert- Booker controls a wide range of weapons from rocket launchers to sniper rifles.

    Advanced hand to hand- Booker uses a Skyhook with his hand to hand combat.


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