Character » Boogieman appears in 52 issues.

    A Bang Baby with the ability to turn into a humanoid rat. Joins the Blood Syndicate.

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    Martin Berger is a kid who was given the ability to transform into a humanoid rat. He can also communicate with rats.

    Upon joining the Blood Syndicate, Boogieman lets everyone assume he is Black becaused he feared that they wouldn't accept him otherwise. After fighting the Demon Fox everyone finds out he is white. They let him join with a warning to never lie to them again.

    Powers and Abilities

    Martin Berger is a Bang Baby that can change into a human sized rat. While in his rat form he has super human strength and speed, and can communicate with different types of rodents. Martin is so in tune with the rodents he communicates with that even in his human form the rats will inform him of things happening around the city.


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