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    Boo Cat is a nymphomaniac werecat who is a close friend and sometimes love interest of Tarot Witch of the Black Rose. She is a resident of Salem and girlfriend of the Vampire Licorice Dust.

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    Boo was first transformed into a werecat when she was a young girl, on Halloween night under a full moon she was surrounded in a ceremony by the female members of her family and the Cuddly Pride. They ritualistically anointed her body with nine oils to prepare her for the change then she stood alone facing the orange autumn moon and felt the spirit of the cat. She was transformed into a black furred cat with a long tale sharp claws and orange triangle eyes, nose, and jagged mouth of a jack o lantern on her chest and belly. Boo has an orange cat paw print shaped mark on her palms that disappears when she reverts to human form. The elders said the orange markings were a special blessing due to the season. After the transformation was complete the clan washed her with a ritual cat bath and initiated her into the pride.


    Boo Cat was created by Jim Balent for the series Tarot Witch of the Black Rose and is a reoccurring character than has been in over twenty issues during the thirteen year run of the book. Jim Balent was the primary artist on Catwoman when it was relaunched in 1993 by DC and is credited with her modern look and appearance. Jim left DC in 1999 to launce his own company, Broadsword, with his wife Holly Golightly who does the lettering and coloring for Boo and the other characters in the Tarot series. Jim and Holly have also worked on feline females in the Three Kittens series, also published by broadsword.

    Character Evolution

    Boo first met Tarot while she was working at the exotic “Boo-Teek” a store that she runs herself. It was during a full moon however during the day she was in human form and very board during working hours. She spent most of her time practicing wiggling out of her panties without using her hands. When Tarot came in shopping for new and larger bras Boo was immediately attracted to her and delighted in taking the young witches exact measurements helping her select bras and watching her try them on in addition to several cosplay outfits that were also for sale at the store. Before she left Boo stole a the panties Tarot had worn in, later that night after transforming into her werecat self she used them to tract Tarot to her home, the mansion called Witches Hollow. There she found Tarot sleeping and could not resist touching her, having to hide under her bed every time she almost woke. She spent the entire night playing with the sleeping witch until morning when she reverted back to her human form and had to quickly exit before being discovered.

    Tarot described Boo as her “first real love and lover.” Boo was in a relationship with Tarot until two years before the events in Tarot #6 which was her first appearance. Tarot, Boo, and Licorice were in an open relationship leading to a ménage a trois outdoors at the lake, when Licorice tried to taste Tarot’s blood she fell under the vampires’ spell and Boo had to intervene and save her. After this Tarot developed mistrust for Licorice that she never over came added to witch Boo left Tarot that night to be with Licorice with no explanation. When she returned two years later it was to enlist Tarots help saving her girlfriend life. Boo and Licorice had been picnicking in the woods when a group of men attacked them , calling them abominations conjured by the witches that had tried to burn the town on Halloween, a misinterpretation of the events in Witch Wars. The attackers stabbed Licorice with a stake through the chest, just missing her heart, before they were themselves attacked and killed by a monster Boo carried her body to the Old Salem Woods Cemetery and went to Witch Hollow to get Tarots help. While she was gone Licorice woke up and removed the stake herself when she was discovered by Skelton Man she believed him to be the man who staked her and she attacked him. Licorice almost drained Skeleton Mans blood but they were interrupted by the same ghoulish monsters that attacked the towns people in the woods, Tarot intervened just in time and Licorice and Boo were reunited.

    Boo is good friends with the Aroma Witch, a human resident of Salem and she has asked him for his services to create oils and scents for her such. Once before meeting Licorice for a date at the Salem playground she asked the Aroma witch to create for her two oils one for Licorice that reminded her of Boo and one that would reflect Licorice’s own seduction back on to her to create a creepy and cuddly effect.

    Boo is often hunted by townsfolk of Salem who perceive her as a threat or an abomination. She is also sought after by other werecreatures who say she a traitor for consorting with humans and vampires intimately, blasphemously polluting her bloodline. Boo was attacked by a strong werewolf while visiting her friend the aroma witch before a date with Licorice. The werewolf injured her friend and accused her of being an embarrassment; he intended to mate her to keep the bloodline pure and tried to rape her by force. Boo escaped and was able to fight off the werewolf at the edge of the woods under the full moon eventually impaling him on a sundial and throwing him down an open well.

    “I will make love with any man, woman, or werebeast I choose! Such is the right of every woman! So scratch off!”

    Once in an effort to get a picture of Boo and Licorice she rented an Aura Camera since the vampire would not show up on regular film, it developed with the purple haze of Licorices aura and the two spent the night making a photo album.

    Boo has saved her lovers life several times. Once on a midnight date to a miniature golf course in Salem the two got so distracted after each hole that before they knew it was almost sunrise and the naked vampire and her date had to take shelter in a miniature castle. Boo transformed back to her human form but had to cover the windows of the small structure with her naked body so the sun would not shine in and kill Licorice. Boo’s body was exposed all day but they were not discovered by anyone and left to finish their date after sundown. When they were surprised by the night grounds keeper Licorice had to fly them to safety since the full moon was over and Boo was stuck in human form.

    Boo has always had a physically, if not emotionally open relationship with Licorice. On a date to the Salem playground Boo arrived to find Licorice had invited three of her high school cheerleading friends, also vampires to participate. She has molested Jon Webb on several occasions, often when he is injured or unconscious and just as often in the presence of Tarot

    After falling back in love with Boo after the events of The Shadow Witch, Tarot began to feel torn between her two lovers issue #40 deals specifically with Tarots fear that she will hurt either Jon or Boo. Tarot felt that after Boo left her for Licorice she could never love anyone until she met Jon, now she feels a reemergence of those feelings for Boo and is afraid she will hurt him. Boo arrives by the pool and sees Tarot on her balcony with Jon, Tarot cannot bring herself to tell Jon about her experience with Boo. Later that night while moping over Tarot Boos girlfriends Licorice Dust returns after having been gone for the last two years. Licorice does not divulge to Boo that she has been on a killing spree taking out rapist and child molesters.

    Boo’s relationship with Licorice is somewhat strained at the present time. While both are very happy with each other sexually and not opposed to involving multiple partners in a strictly physical sense, Licorice is extremely jealous of anyone Boo would have an emotional or romantic relationship with. She confronting Jon and telling him to keep Tarot away from Boo then attacked Tarot in her own home, putting her under a spell and almost drinking her blood before very nearly getting staked through the heart by the witch. Licorice is also insecure with Boo’s affection, she worries that she is not getting enough of her attention but the two always reconnect if not just on a physical level.

    Boo in human form
    Boo in human form

    Boo is prefers being naked even when in human form, she is naked almost every time she appears. She is a nymphomaniac, a nudist, a voyeur, and an exhibitionist; she has expressed a partiality towards occasional sadomasochism play and is in an open sexual relationship with Licorice allowing for multiple partners. Boo is bisexual but her last two relationships have been female. She has described herself as a ‘purr-v’ and as ‘try-sexual’ saying she will try anything once, or maybe twice

    Boo keeps a diary thats pink with red hearts and a purple picture of hello kitty on the cover with Boos trademark jack o lantern design on its chest. She Drives a pink convertible and does yoga every morning, in the nude of course.

    Major Story Arc’s

    Quest for the Black Rose Sword

    While Tarot is in limbo between life or death she is reminded that she has another love, Boo Cat and to deny her feelings for her is to deny part of herself.

    The Mists of Darkness

    While awaiting Licorice for another date at a Salem playground, Boo swings on a swing set in skyclad human form until she is transformed by the full moon and assaulted by a bald female vampire she mistook for Licorice when she heard a noise from the woods.

    She is captured and turned over to the war-thogs who clasp her in a iron cage that fits over her torso and around her bottom with her feet and wrists in shackles. Her bottom and entire body are beaten mercilessly by the war-thogs with reeds and whips. She is marched through the night to the war camp to be turned over to azure the war elf who with the help of Raven is trying to bring about a war between the world of man and the magic world. Once the sun rises in morning Boo turns back into her human form the war-thogs are surprised by the transformation but deliver her none the less to azure’s camp. Later a letter is delivered to the Black Rose Coven declaring war on the world of man and stating Boo and Jon Webb have been taken hostage and will be killed immediately if there is any attempt by the Black Rose Witches to interfere with the invasion or rescue the prisoners.

    While Tarot, Raven, and their mother fight their way towards the war camp to free Boo and Jon, Boo continues to take abuse from the war-thogs demanding she change back into her cat form. After killing one of the war-thogs by singing her teeth into its neck Jon arrives to rescue the blood covered naked girl (still in pink heals) While Boo explains their predicament to Jon she proceeds to clean the blood from herself, cat style.

    Later once Tarot, Raven, and their mother have been taken prisoner by Azure an army of ghosts show up lead by Skeleton Man, Crypt Chick, and Boo Cat. Boo is still in human form but sporting a skeleton ribcage top and skull bottoms with arm length black and white skeleton gloves and cat ear headband. Boo leads an assault against the war-thogs savagely killing many of them until the battle is won.

    Hawaiian Holiday

    After the events of The Mists of Darkness Boo Cat and Licorice went with Tarot, Raven, their mother and Jon to Hawaii to vacation and recover. Boo drank heavily and Licorice could hardly keep up with, Boo was very frisky in Hawaii. She jumped up on stage during a luau and groped some of the hula dancers off their grass skirts and coconut tops. Boo exposed herself to the crowd, and embarrassed a male fire dancer by pulling down his loin-cloth and exposing him to the crowd during his performance. Licorice had to carry the intoxicated werecat off stage, throw her over her shoulder and run away from the angry mob, Boo eventually passed out and Licorice left her naked on a chair by the pool to teach her a lesson.

    The Shadow Witch

    After Tarots second battle with Azure Boo Cat took care of her and nursed her back to help while she laid in bed for six weeks at Witch Hollow recovering from the removal of the tumor Azure had infected her with. Boo comforted Tarot as she faced the reality that she would never be able to have children after the injuries Azure inflicted on her. Boo told her it was not the amount of children she gave birth to but the love that she gave to others. Tarot discovered a new level of intimacy with Boo in the way she helped her do everything during her recovery, she started to develop a strong attraction towards her aided by Boo’s constant teasing. After six weeks of being cared for by Boo day and night Tarot and her gave into their physical desires.

    So Mote it be

    Boo wakes up in Tarots bedroom at Withes Hollow and tries to get her to stay in her room with her and play all day but Tarot has to respond to Thornwich who is threatening a Salem child in defense of a injured fairy. When she returns injured Boo, now in cat form, helps her heal but later that night when a battle breaks out between Thornwick and Tarot, Boo runs away knowing she is outmatched by their powers and brings back Skeleton Man who helps Tarot put Thornwick down. Unfortunately for Boo while Jon and Tarot are celebrating in the garden her plans to join in are foiled by Raven Hex who casts a spell on making her unable to move.

    Powers and Abilities

    Boo is a human female and shapeshifter who is transformed into a werecat when exposed to a full moon but is reverted back to human form at sunrise. When in cat form she has catlike senses, longer and sharper fingernails and sharp canine teeth capable of tearing flesh. She has excellent balance and reflexes she is able to jump to and from heights without injury but has a fear of flying or very tall heights outside the bounds of her reach. Boo Cat can hasten the speed at which she or someone else heals by licking their wounds. She, like all shapeshifters, is venerable to wolfsbane, when it is in its power form it can be thrown on or at her and will effectively repel her not unlike garlic for a vampire.

    Boo is often distracted in combat, usually by something sexual. When Pooka, Tarots goblin cat familiar, became sick from haunted hairballs Boo defended her friend and helped her rid Witch Hollow of the hairballs and get Pooka back to normal. Even thought fighting for her life Boo was often distracted by Tarots nudity or her own remarking to herself that one day her sex drive will be the death of her. Again when the six were being tormented by frost fairies in the snow around Witches Hollow Boo is the only one smiling the entire time when the pixies take everyone’s clothes and they go sledding down a snow covered hill naked.


    Boo’s family and clan are only mentioned one time during her origin story in Tarot #12 but she is a member of a were cat pack called The Cuddly Pride. Although not a member of the Black Rose Coven she is often found fighting evil in its company alongside Rave Hex, Tarot, their mother, and Jon Webb also know as Skeleton Man the guardian of the forgotten and haunted cemetery of Salem Woods.


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