Bonny Hoffman

    Character » Bonny Hoffman appears in 86 issues.

    One part of the Body Doubles.

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    At one point of Bonny Hoffman's life she wanted to prove to her dad that she was as tough as a man. Since her father was a mob boss it would not be easy. Bonny eventually met up with Carmen Leno and the two began working for Requiem, Inc. as asassins.

    The two started working for Bonny's Uncle Nick. They also worked for an alien woman named 'Mistress'. Mistress can take abilities from her victims. Normally she took civillians as victims, but she wanted superheroines now. After kidnapping Argent, Power Girl and Deep Blue, they tried to kidnap Black Canary. The two failed to kidnap Black Canary, but they still continued doing what they do. During the time Catwoman was running for mayor, the Body Doubles tried to kill Catwoman. The two failed again.

    They now continue their work with Uncle Nick.

    Bonny Hoffman was one of the villains stranded on planet Salvation.


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