Bonnie Baxter

    Character » Bonnie Baxter appears in 75 issues.

    Bonnie Baxter is the girlfriend of Rip Hunter and a fellow time traveler.

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    Bonnie graduates university with a history degree and soon after meets Rip Hunter, who is in need of a history specialist for his journeys through time.   


    In the 1960s, DC Comics used a series called Showcase to highlight new characters that it thought might be popular eno ugh to maintain their own ongoing series.  Rip Hunter was one such character, and after his debut in Showcase he was given his own series.  Bonnie was created as a character to fill out his team of time travelers. 

    Character Evolution

    Generally portrayed as a capable member of Rip's team, she nonetheless was occasionally forced into the "Damsel-in-distress" role.   

    Major Story Arcs

    The majority of Bonnie's appearances are in Rip Hunter ... Time Master which was a mostly serialized series with little continuity between issues.  Despite this certain concepts were established such as her jealousy of Cleopatra.  Since the end of that series, she has appeared sporadically throughout the DC Universe.   

    Powers and Abilities

    Bonnie learned a lot of her abilities as she journeyed.  She was initially young and inexperienced, but the longer she spent traveling with Rip, the more skills she developed.  

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