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Bonehead would escape from prison and planned to pull one last heist before leaving Springdale for good. Bonehead ran into two guys that tried to rob him and headbutted both of them when he realized it was two of his men named Sammy and Barney. Bonehead and his two goons planned to steal the money collected in the Founder's Day Community Fund. Bonehead knocked out the man carrying the charity money and handed the case to his men. Robbie Baldwin saw the men take off with the money while he was perched on a rock above. Baldwin activated his kinetic abilities and changed into the Masked Marvel. Sammy and Barney were apprehended by some officers and Bonehead knocked himself silly when he headbutted the Masked Marvel. The rebound from the impact took Bonehead off his feet and the hard-headed criminal was apprehended by Officer LaGuardia.   


Bonehead was created by Roger Stern and Steve Ditko in 1989 and first appeared in Speedball # 8.  

Story Arcs

A resident of Springdale named Clyde broke free a number of Speedball's former foes from jail including Sticker, Bug-Eyed Voice, Ghost of Springdale High, Bonehead, Leaper Logan, the Basher, Two-Legged Rat and the Harlequin Hit Man to form the Speedball Revenge Squad. Clyde wanted the squad to capture Niels and Speedball for one of his greatest experiments. Harlequin shot Niels the cat but it was protected from the kinetic field surrounding the feline. However the cat was propelled forward and its body hit the Sticker and the feline was unable to escape. Speedball would come into conflict with the Revenge Squad at the Hammonds Research Center but he was taken out by Clyde's gas gun. Clyde was planning to drain the kinetic energy from Speedball and Niels but they were able to escape from their shackles when the cat coughed up a hairball that took down the entire Revenge Squad. Clyde, Bonehead and the rest of the Speedball Revenge Squad was defeated and placed into police custody.   


Boneheaded was given a bone growth formula which made his skull stronger and thicker than a normal human being. Bonehead is a street fighter but his primary attack is the headbutt.

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