Character » Bonechill appears in 12 issues.

    Bonechill uses his power over cold and ice to fight heroes like Dynamo 5.

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    Kenneth Yaeger was a skull-faced criminal that worked with a gang. After a bank robbery went badly, the rest of his gang ratted Kenneth Yaeger out to the police. It was while in prison that Kenneth was somehow involved with a cryogenic accident that transformed him into Bonechill. The prison officials covered up the accident, out of embarrassment, and told the public that Kenneth Yaeger had died. After escaping prison with his new-found powers, Bonechill decided to kill every member of his gang that had betrayed him.

     Although he had never been encountered by Captain Dynamo, Scrap and Slingshot confronted him after investigating the deaths of Yaeger's former criminal associates, whom Bonechill killed for betraying him to the authorities after they were captured following a bank robbery. Scrap and Slingshot defeated Bonechill with the help of the Firebirds, a mother and daughter superhero duo. Bonechill was imprisoned at Tartarus, a floating federal penitentiary. He was then contacted by Voltage, and after freeing him, the two of them teamed up with the villainous duo Brains and Brawn. They are assembled by Widowmaker, and take Maddie Warner and Visionary's mother hostage, but are defeated by Dynamo 5.


    With this ability, he can create shaped objects of ice and snow, such as walls and jagged ice daggers on his gauntlets, and completely cover large areas, like the roof of a building, with ice and snow to hinder his opponent's mobility.   

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