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    Series of collected editions. Includes first and second volumes. Scholastic reprints the Bone collection issues in full color. Various changes were made in the color edition such as:

    • Various spelling errors were corrected, such as "kewpie-doll" for "cupie-doll" and "kowtow" for "cowtow."
    • Some lines of dialogue were completely rewritten for these versions, and some story pages were added and others removed. One example of new material in Eyes of the Storm is Thorn and Fone in the garden talking about Ghost Circles. Four pages were excluded from the conversation between Thorn, Gran'ma and Fone in The Dragonslayer. In Rock Jaw, the two rat creatures talk about Ghost Circles as well, which did not happen in the original issues and black-and-white paperbacks.

    Bones are white, bald cartoon caricatures with big noses.

    This is about the Bone brothers (Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone) getting chased out there home town and finding a place hidden from the rest of the world. These Bone brothers get tangled in a huge problem that threatens the hidden place and the girl of Fone Bone's dreams. The main thing they need to stop is the Locust queen who is channeling through one person. So, the Bone brothers need to find this person and stop them once and for all.


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