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Get out of her way! Gran'ma Ben devises a clever scheme to trick the besieging army of rat creatures that surround the city - and it involves Phoney Bone and two stupid Rat Creatures. Meanwhile, the Hooded One wants desperately to stop Thorn and Fone Bone from searching for the valley's last chance to defeat the lord of the Locust: The Crown of Horns. Only four issues left in this critically acclaimed one-of-a-kind series! Who knew Armageddon would be so funny?

Gran'ma Ben, Thorn, and the Bones clamber up a tower, where Thorn may see where all the perilous "ghost circles" are that are surrounding the city. Thorn perceives Rock Jaw in the hills, and then has sudden visions of the valley exploding, and of the Lord of the Locusts. These visions shock her. While the others tend to Thorn, Phoney and Smiley attempt to open the well where the treasure is hidden, thinking to take the treasure. Thorn's visions tell her that the Lord of the Locusts no longer needs her or Briar, because he is possessing his original host, Mim. Phoney and Smiley return to the city's gate with their hay cart (having Smiley's Rat Creature Bartleby and the treasure hidden in the hay), when the farmer who had formerly lost the cart sees it and knocks it over. Bartleby is exposed, whereupon people try to kill him. Bartleby, Phoney, and Smiley narrowly escape. They climb the ladder as Fone and Thorn are coming down, which results in a struggle. As they fight, Thorn disappears. Fone goes after her!

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