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its not often that one can find a comic book both adults and children can enjoy. and the few that exist are usually one-time reads, or shorts series.
 Bone is the massive exception. 
In case you haven't heard of this piece of art already, Bone is centered around Fone Bone, one of 3 residents of Boneville who where run out of town (actually, Phoney Bone was driven out. His two cousins just tagged along to help Phoney survive out in the world without his vast fortune... which he lost).
 The trio gets separated almost immediately, and the remainder of the the story follows Fone through the mountains and into a lively forest community. Fone meets dozens of interesting people(, monsters....bugs....dragons....he makes allot of new friends) in his year long quest to reunite with his relatives, avoid the monsters, and help the people of the forest solve the great problems of the Valley.
 This story was printed in Disney Adventure Magazine for years, as well as individually. And its also available in a ONE VOLUME edition, collecting all 9 volumes into one massive copy. (thats the one i have).
 This sucker is epic. been around and awesome since 1991. The least you can do for yourself is pick it up and read a few pages. and after that, you should be compelled to dish out whatever their charging now days to own this bad boy forever. if your not, repeat step 1.

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