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Character Evolution

Bombast was the first of the three Ninth Men to awaken from his pod. Upon awakening from the city shaking earthquake, he came upon Darren Roberts who had fallen into the pit. Seeing that he and Darren wasn't a threat to him and could not communicate with one another, Bombast took the liberty of rushing back to the surface.

Upon reaching the surface, Bombast came into conflict with the drug dealers which Darren Roberts was running from. After dispatching the drug dealers, Bombast felt alienated by the modern tenth man world. Unlike his home which was heavily organic, the Tenth Men's world was heavily mechanical and lacked the organic roots he was accustomed to. Darren, decided to try and help Bombast understand English when they came into conflict after Bombast threw a rock at an oncoming car and blocked the exhaust pipe. The angry driver came forwards and prepared to take on Bombast only to be knocked out and lose a few teeth.

While seeing the fight unfold, Savage Dragon came from the crowd and prepared to arrest Bombast only to be slowed down by Bombast's projectile trash. Surely enough, Bombast eluded Savage Dragon.  
Bombast can hurl objects with incredible speed and uncanny accuracy.

Dynamite Entertianment

Bombast returns along with Captain Glory and Night Glider in Kirby: Genesis.


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