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Not much is known about Bomb's origin other than that his real name is Anthony and he was living in Harlem, NY.


Bomb was created by Neal Adams and Christos Gage and first appeared in The First X-Men.

Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs

Logan finds Anthony sitting on a bench in Harlem trying to hold in an explosion. He detonates and his body is taken away in a hearse. Logan, Victor Creed, Holo and Yeti track down Anthony's body to a shallow grave and dig him up. They find him alive as he joins their team in saving young mutants from the government. Bomb travels with the team to find Erik Lehnsherr to get him to join their cause. Erik rejects, violently and flees. The team continues to train and their abilities under Victor and Logan's guide. Bomb learns to manifest the explosive boils in his body into grenades and throwing weapons. Bomb and the rest return to Manhattan and battle a Hobo Namor who is unaware of his true identity. Bomb uses one of his grenades and severely injures Namor, driving him into the river. The team regroups and plans their attack on Project Chimera, who are behind the mutant abductions. They attack the base in Pennsylvania and find Bolivar Trask and Agent Duncan. They unleash Virus on them who is attached to Yeti's brother. Anthony throws a bomb at Virus and separates Virus from his host as the rest of the team frees other captive mutants. They retreat and regroup with their new recruits.

Powers and Abilities

Bomb's body seems to produce explosive boils which he can focus into several different types of throwing weapons. His body seems to also be able to endure the explosions he creates.


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