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Apparently the Second Coming happened last month. Welp.

(Anybody scratching their head at the title of my review, head over here for an explanation)
So, Bomb Queen has shaken off the dreaded schedule slip - which apparently comes to all Image publications at some point - and is back on track (kind of) with getting those silly nerds on the internet all a-ragin'. Oh, those silly nerds, with their opinions and their wi-fi connections and their hula hoops and their children's card games!
News flash, Jimmie; just because you put what some people think of your "#1 Villain Comic in America" (sure that isn't Cornell & Woods' run on Action Comics?) on your cover and made it come out of the mouths of the most stereotypical nerds your brain could conjure up doesn't mean it isn't true.
Really, there isn't much more I can say about this comic I didn't already cover in my last review. We all know what's going to happen - but I'll spoiler it just in case:

Really, it's a shame that the ShadowLine imprint has been reduced to this; in all fairness, it set out to do what Image was always meant to do -  make comic books accessible to the general public, not just us silly old comic book nerds. Unfortunately, the whole exercise more or less fell apart when Image realised they had done no actual advertising for these new titles (that's my opinion as to why it failed - Jimmie seems to have his own unique take on the situation) and now it exists solely for peddling... whatever this is.  I'm still not entirely what it is, but to date there sure are 27 total issues of it.
Apparently there will be a #4 to end this sad, sorry miniseries sometime this month. I can honestly say that Jimmie will have to either do something very clever or very stupid in order to get me to care. As a character and a series, Bomb Queen has been a runaway train of stupid, barrelling its way to low sales and reader apathy at an alarming rate.

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