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This took 14 months to publish

I just want you to look at the title of my review, and think about it. Fourteen months - over a year. Planetary #27 took three years to come out, does that mean Bomb Queen v6 #2 is about a third as good?
Of course not, it's Bomb Queen - it's always been adolescent twelfth-rate garbage.
I see Jimmie Robinson (not to be confused with James Robinson, who actually has talent) has already come along to review this - not that I blame him. After all, his previous work was so bland and unoriginal, he had to find some way to make an impact. Rather, I blame Image Comics, for giving the go-ahead to something so painfully unoriginal and undermining confidence in any aspiring writers who actually want to tell a story, and for the people who buy this: this is the internet, you can find boobs pretty darn easily nowadays, you know.
As for the story? There isn't one, unless you count

as a story. Rather, this is a chance for ol' Jimmie to ramble on for a few pages about how freedom of speech should apply to sadistic murderers like his Villain Sue and how she stands for justice... somehow. Then he rips off Mark Millar for the 26th time in a row, because that is how Jimmie Robinson rolls, dammit!
So, in conclusion, Bomb Queen is pretty much a pitch-perfect portrayal of all that is wrong in comics today. I am sure that Mr. Robinson will react in his usual fashion, and have a character who looks suspiciously like me being viciously raped by cactuses in #3, which will probably come out in time for the Second Coming.

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