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    When the Queen discovers her old sparring partner, Blacklight, has broken New Port City law to rescue Rebound's mother, the s#!t hits the fan! Plus a special bonus: the Bomb Queenopoly game board! 

    Following the half attempted assassination of Bomb Queen, while she was using a public lavatory, our friendly neighborhood explosive gal tries to figure out why her computer aided equipment is not responding and how her assassin could disappear into shadows without a trace. 

    Inside the 'Dark' Jen and her mother are uneasily reunited and Mom reveals she has been hired by the Shadow Government to kill Bomb Queen for a small fortune. The Shadow Government is an organisation that likes to place and control dictators and their latest target is New Port city. 
    At Jen's mothers house we learn how hard it was being raised in New Port and why she never wanted to come back. Mom searches for the thing she needs and eventually finds the nuclear bomb she'd misplaced and reveals her plan to level the city and all the evil with it. Lina tries to stop her but she slips into the Dark with the bomb.
    Flying to the town hall Bomb finds where the custom shells from her would-be assassin were made and gets an image of the culprit. Then on her TV spot she shows the image for a 1 million dollar reward for information.  On getting the information she needs she heads to the house and live on TV blows it up as Lina and Jen become aware that somethings wrong.


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    Details of the Bomb Queen's New Rivals Slow This One Down 0

    Chillin' With Da Villains slowly progresses the latest Bomb Queen story along.  You find out the traumas that the various characters have gone through in life, forced into turning tricks to support their daughter, allowing boyfriends to fool around with their kids, and all kinds of that type of stuff.  Obviously the writer wants us to be a little sympathetic to the Bomb Queen's new nemesis.  Did it work?  Nah, not really.  This issue also shows the secret agency that is trying to rid the world o...

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