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Tag Line: Revenge of the Ice Queen


Bomb Queen pays the ultimate price when the man she trusted and loved breaks her heart, takes her job as dictator, and kicks her out of her own city! Secrets and identities are revealed, but is it too late for the crushed, stripped and defenseless Bomb Queen to fight back?

Returning home the next day Occularium is concerned that Bomb has been out all night and so has Ashe. It tells her that Ashe was watching on a monitor and then ran out. Bomb heads down to Momma Wong's to see if he's there but instead bumps into James and they stay for food and Bomb continues her story.

The other three queens are pretending to be the heroes of New Port city claiming that Bomb brainwashed them and is a brutal dominating character. Little did the girls know that Bomb keeps caches of equipment around town and after a quick stop Scream Queen is the first to feel her wrath. the battle lasts 5 minutes until scream swallows a pill bomb that takes her head off. After that Drama and Ice hang close to each other making them a harder target.

Back at the restaurant Bomb wants to find Ashe before the snow storm hits and accepts a lift from James back to her home and since his hum-vee breaks down she lets him come inside, breaking her golden rule of no one else allowed in her townhouse. She shows James Occularium and tells him its how she is so effective.

They make love and James drugs her and transports her bed to the middle of a snow covered I98 12miles outside the city. During the night James connects to the computer with a headset. On waking Bomb finds herself naked in the snow with a moblie ringing beside her. She answers to her Jame tell her that he is Ice Queen! She goes on to relate their previous battle:

Drama falls into a substation and is electrocuted distracting Ice for a moment, long enough for Bomb to get the drop on her and pepper her with explosives. Ice's ice-shield saves her from death but she is badly wounded. The government love New Port city which now sucks in all the worst criminals, making the other states much less crime ridden, but they don't like the self elected ruler. So they experiment on Ice's body, trying to make the perfect anti-hero to take out Bomb. They like her powers but no her gender and so build her a new male body which effectively kills her ice powers.

The police arrive to take in the defenseless Bomb as Ice takes over in a seamless regime change as the Bomb King!



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What's With All the She-Males?!? 0

Part two of Queen of Hearts is over and let me tell you...I am really let down on how useless Drama Queen was. Sheesh, I don't think I even say any lines for her except for 'I broke a nail!'.Oh well, so much for her being a favourite. Incidentally I really like this multicultural aspect. Ice Queen I think is an Asian, Scream Queen is black, Drama is a blonde, and I am not too certain on what Bomb Queen is... looks white to me, but it would be kind of cool if they made her an American indian o...

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