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Bomb Queen is back! The super-popular series returns, wilder and sexier than ever! Bomb Queen falls for a mysterious man who finally satisfies her sex-crazed lust. But Bomb Queen must get her head out the clouds and her legs back together, because naturally, all is not what it seems!

Dropped right into the aftermath of a bank robbery with a hostage situation has been 'cleaned up' by our heroine.. she just kills everyone. Simple! Outside she answer the news reporters questions on how she runs her city before turning her pervy attentions on James Barry, the suave British head of the news team, who wants to put her in the movies.

Later that night Bomb heads over to James' house for dinner and sex... and while she arrives just for the sex James turns the conversation to her life story and how it would work in the movies. Bomb starts to tell the story of New Port city.

Years ago New Port was like any city, it had its copycat heroes and villains. The villains were the Four Queens: Ice, Scream, Drama and Bomb. Bomb was the only queen without super powers.. just the ability to blow things up with bombs.. take those away and shes nobody. The other three queens decided to steal the cash the government sent the city to fund heroes to fight them.. the heroes never came so the money might as well be theirs. they setup Bomb Queen by deserting the HQ and tipping off the police. Bomb is trapped and with no way out....

She decides enough is enough and seduces James. Taking a break from great sex James pops to the bathroom. He sneaks out and catches Ashe and injects him with something so he can finish his plan.



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Bomb Girl's Ride to Glory 0

Cool. It looks like this mini series is going to dish out the secret origin of the Bomb Queen. It looks like they also will go into more detail with the other three Queens that have been mentioned before. I really dig that huge giant naked Drama Queen. I kinda wish there was a series on her! I'm a sucker for 'Attack of the 50' Woman'- types.This first issue really begins to show the mental state of the Bomb Queen. She's as hard as nails, but she meets some Brit that just wants to romance h...

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