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    A speedster attending Teen Titans Academy

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    Alinta grew up being the daughter of low level crooks. When she was a child, she found a piece of paper with a mysterious formula that allowed her to gain burst of super-speed. Her parents saw this as chance to gain money and used their daughter's new powers for their own profit. All that changed when her parents died in an explossion caused by one their many enemies. Alinta survived the explossion, but ended losing both of her legs.

    One day she was visited by Amanda Waller, who gave her implants that would allow her to run and use her powers again. In exchange, Waller demanded her that one day she would work for her.

    Alinta ended enrolled as a student in the new Teen Titans Academy. Feeling safe and inspired by her new teachers, Alinta ended rejecting Amanda Waller's orders of joining her Suicide Squad. In retaliation, Waller send the squad to capture Alinta. The Suicide Squad tried to ambush and kidnap her outside the Titans Tower, but Alinta was able to evade capture and run to the Tower.

    That same night, Alinta ended sharing her story to her roommate Summer Zhahid. Summer encouraged her to tell her past to the teachers after they return from a mission, so they could keep her safe. What Alinta didn't know was that the squad was able to get into the Tower with the help of Red X. Luckily Summer was able to rally her fellow classmates in fighting the Suicide Squad and save Alinta. Thanks to her new friends and that Red X betrayed the Suicide Squad, Alinta was safe from Amanda Waller.

    During the prom, Alinta was one of the five students brainwashed by Psimon to join his new team, as he attempted to convince them that the Titans only saw them as expendable pawns. Alinta was the most hesitant to believe the villain, and attempted to convince Matt, Tress and Dane to ignore Psimon. Luckily they were rescued by the teachers, and Psimon ended murdered by Red X.

    Alinta helped in evacuating the Tower when Red X and Nevermore attemped to destroy it. Since the rebuild of the new Tower, Alinta has stayed as a student there.

    Alternate Realities and timelines.

    In the Future State timeline, Alinta ended joining Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad, ending in Earth-3 as part of the Justice Squad. Alinta was very open in her opinion about Waller. During the attack of Peacemaker's squad in Earth-3, Alinta ended dying alongside Hypnotic Woman.


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