Bolphunga the Unrelenting

    Character » Bolphunga the Unrelenting appears in 62 issues.

    He is an intergalactic bounty hunter and warrior known as "Bolphunga the Unrelenting" for his tenacious pursuit of his prey. He has come into conflict with Guy Gardner in the past.

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    Bolphunga was a low intelligence creature who was obsessed with violence. He desired to fight and beat anyone and anything. He later desired to actually battle the Green Lantern Mogo, after a long search Bolphunga came upon a Earth like planet where he believed Mogo to be. He called out for Mogo but there was no reply. He than set out to search the planet for Mogo but this would be hard to do because he did not know what he looked like. He became obsessed with finding Mogo, he examined the terrain of the planet and noticed that some parts of it had large grooved paths. He ended up mapping the terrain of the planet and placed the maps together and the paths he previously noticed formed together to make the Green Lantern Corps symbol. It was than revealed to Bolphunga that Mogo wasn't a person but a living, sentient planet. Mogo was the guiding force behind the Green Lantern selection process and tracking system. After realizing he was standing on the Green Lantern Mogo he gave up and left in his starship.

    Major Story Arcs

    Green Lantern Corps Recharge

    Bolphunga later went to Sector 2828, the Vega system, where he worked as a bounty hunter alongside Burlls, Fatality, Dag and Quade. Bolphunga was now on a new quest, to hunt for Green Lanterns. It was never revealed who hired Bolphunga. Shortly after Bolphunga was hired, him and the other hunters found the body of Soranik Natu. Unknown to the hunters, she was a Green Lantern and she was alive. Along with Soranik Natu they discovered the body of Green Lantern Tarkus Whin, who was actually dead.

    When Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner came to rescue Soranik Natu, the hunters made an attempt to catch them. Fatality wanted to get them the most because she had a personal past with Kyle Rayner. After discovering the hunters were after them, the Green Lanterns retreated and hid in a Spider Guild nest, where they believed the hunters wouldn't follow. Dag, Burlls and Quade were afraid to enter the Spider Guild but Bolphunga and Fatality were willing to risk themselves to get the Green Lanterns. Bulphunga and Fatality failed to get the Green Lanterns.

    Amon Sur then hired the hunters to Earth to capture Green Lantern Hal Jordan but after many attempts, they failed.

    To Be a Lantern

    After failing to defeat and capture Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Bolhunga desired to get revenge on Guy Gardner. After months tracking the Green Lantern, he found Guy Gardner in Sector 3241 on the planet Restoria. Guy Gardener was not wearing his power ring at the time and had it in the hotel. Bolphunga pursued Gardner in a long chase through the hotel, until Administrator Lantern Salakk arrived and stopped Bolphunga. Bolphunga was made to pay the hotel for all the damages and then headed back to Vega.

    In Other Media

    Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

    Bolphunga seeks to fight and destroy all the most powerful warriors in the universe and is told he will never defeat the Green Lantern Mogo. Bolphunga’s computer has no information on Mogo but tracks his location to a mysterious green planet. There Bolphunga spends weeks tracking Mogo's power signatures but never finds him. Bolphunga places explosives all over the planet to flush Mogo out, but when the planet puts out the bombs Mogo is revealed to be the entire planet.


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