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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 45: Time to Pick Some Names (名前をつけてみようの会Namae o Tsukete Miyou no Kai)
  • Chapter 46: Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears (怪奇!グラントリノ現る Kaiki! Gurantorino Arawaru)
  • Chapter 47: Struggling (蠢く Ugomeku)
  • Chapter 48: Getting the Knack (掴めコツ Tsukame Kotsu)
  • Chapter 49: Midoriya and Shigaraki (緑谷と死柄木 Midoriya to Shigaraki)
  • Chapter 50: Kill 'em Dead (ぶっ殺す Bukkorosu)
  • Chapter 51: No, Knock it Off, Iida! (だめだやめとけ飯田くんDameda yame toke Īda-kun)
  • Chapter 52: Hero Killer Stain vs. Yuuei Students (ヒーロー殺しステインVS英雄生徒 Hīrō-goroshi Sutein Bāsasu Eiyū Seito)
  • Chapter 53: From Todoroki to Iida (轟から飯田へ Todoroki kara Īda e)

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