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Proper Japanese Title: Uketsugu Mono (受け継ぐモノ)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 201: Foresight (先を見据えて Saki o Misuete)
  • Chapter 202: Match 3 (第3セット Daisan Setto)
  • Chapter 203: Flexible! Juzo Honenuki! (柔軟!骨抜柔造! Jūnan! Honenuki Jūzō!)
  • Chapter 204: Tuning Up (チューニング Chūningu)
  • Chapter 205: Detour (遠回り Tōmawari)
  • Chapter 206: Match 3 Conclusion (第3セット決着 Daisan Setto Ketchaku)
  • Chapter 207: Early Bird! (先手必勝! Sente Hisshō!)
  • Chapter 208: Match 4 Conclusion (第4セット決着 Daiyon Setto Ketchaku)
  • Chapter 209: Match 5 Start (第5セットスタート Daigo Setto Sutāto)
  • Chapter 210: The One For All Dream (ワン・フォー・オールの夢 Wan Fō Ōru no Yume)
  • Chapter 211: That Which is Inherited (受け継ぐモノ Uketsugu Mono)
  • Chapter 212: That Which is Inherited, Part 2 (続・受け継ぐモノ Zoku Uketsugu Mono)


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Story Arcs

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