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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 189: Why He Gets Back Up (彼は何故立ち続けたか Kare wa Naze Tachi Tsuzuketa ka)
  • Chapter 190: His Start (始まりの Hajimarino)
  • Chapter 191: Dabi, Hawks, Endeavor (荼毘・ホークス・エンデヴァー Dabi Hōkusu Endevā)
  • Chapter 192: The Todoroki Family (轟家 Todoroki-ke)
  • Chapter 193: Vestiges (面影 Omokage)
  • Chapter 194: Cold Skies over U.A. High! (寒空! 雄英高校! Samuzora! Yūei Kōkō!)
  • Chapter 195: Clash! Class A vs. Class B! (激突!Aエー組VSバーサスBビー組 Gekitotsu! Ē-gumi bāsasu Bī-gumi)
  • Chapter 196: Make It Happen, Shinso!! (それ行け心操くん! Soreike Shinsō-kun)
  • Chapter 197: Quaotic Quirkstravaganza ("個性"ドンパチ大応酬 "Kosei" Donpachi Dai-ōshū)
  • Chapter 198: Known Where You Stand When It Counts!! (必要!! 時には足止め現状把握! Hitsuyō!! Toki ni wa Ashitome Genjō Haaku!)
  • Chapter 199: Operation New Improv Moves! (新技即興オペレーション! Shin-waza Sokkyō Operēshon!)
  • Chapter 200: Clever Commander! (智将!! Chishō!!)


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