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    Bojack is the main antagonist in the movie: "Bojack Unbound". He is the leader of the Galaxy Soldiers and a member of the race of Hera.

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    Bojack has blue skin, long orange hair and blue eyes. His attire is that of a gypsy pirate with a black bandanna and earrings. In his full power form, his skin becomes light green and his hair becomes red. He also has a scar across his face.


    Bojack is a ruthless, bloodthirsty, brutal and arrogant fighter. He also has little loyalty for his teammates and this is shown when he killed Zangya.

    Powers and Abilities

    Overall Power

    In his base form, Bojack can easily handle Trunks and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan forms as well as Piccolo who fused with Kami. At full power, Bojack's power increases tremendously and he is able to dominate Gohan. His power may be equivalent to Perfect Cell's power or stronger than his power. Bojack is stated to be stronger than Movie 10 Broly but this may be proven false as Broly's power is higher than Perfect Cell.


    • Flight
    • Bear Hug
    • Chaotic Tyrant
    • Dirty Criminal
    • Galactic Buster
    • Galactic Blow
    • Grand Smasher
    • KI Blast
    • Trap Shooter

    Video Game Appearances

    Bojack appears in all three DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi Games, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and DBZ Xenoverse 2 as a DLC character.


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