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    Douglas Carmody was a bigot that hated the Power Pack children. He was cast into Limbo and met the demon N'Astihr where he transformed Carmody into the Bogeyman when he consumed some of his flesh.

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    Douglas Carmody was a bigot who hated all mutants and had a blind obsession with the Power Pack kids. He assumed they were mutants because of their powers and believed they were a threat to him and all mankind. Carmody actually employed Jim Power and invested a lot of money on him so he could develop his anti-matter power generator. Carmody wanted Jim Power to finish his machine even before he could finish his research. The machine was very dangerous and could have destroyed the world. The Power Pack kids eventually confronted Carmody and destroyed the machine. Carmody was ruined when he failed to produce the machine. Carmody hated the Power children and allied with the organization called the Right. However Carmody and the Right were defeated by the combined forces of the New Mutants and Power Pack. The mutant Illyana Rasputin cast Carmody into Limbo where he met the demon N'Astihr. N'Astihr chewed on some of Carmody's flesh and transformed him into the demon known as Bogeyman.

    Bogeyman appeared near the Cross-Bronx Expressway killing numerous hoodlums for attacking normal, decent humans. He was disgusted at them and told them that humankind was at war with the mutants. Bogeyman killed a fat, obnoxious driver and ate some of his flesh and ended up wearing his suit. New York was in chaos with the demonic invasion from Limbo and the Bogeyman made it worse for the Power family. Bogeyman attacked the family when they entered an elevator and forced the Power children to reveal their secret to their parents. The parents were shocked and could not believe their children were the Power Pack. Bogeyman fled with both parents and the Power children had to search all over New York to find them. Power Pack had to go through hordes of demons to reach Bogeyman. The Power Pack kids fought like crazy to save their parents. Bogeyman threw their parents off a New York skyscraper but were saved by Katie and Julie. Alex and Jack took the fight to Bogeyman and nearly killed him when their parents intervened. They told the kids that they were a family and told them they loved them even if they had super powers. Bogeyman was furious that the parents cared for these children he called mutant monsters and charged the Power family. Bogeyman fell off the building and the street below opened up into a canyon of fire. Bogeyman disappeared into the giant fire pit and his current whereabouts are unknown.


    Bogeyman is a Marvel comics character who first appears in Power Pack #2.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bogeyman is a dangerous demon that can shapeshift into a mass of squishy slime or mist. He has a degree of superhuman strength and attacks with his razor sharp claws.


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