Body Doubles

    Team » Body Doubles appears in 76 issues.

    Two hired killers that often come into conflict with Resurrection Man.

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    The Body Doubles are hired to capture Resurrection Man. They find him in the his fathers nursing home, in Portland. Once they find him, Carmen and Bonny attack Mitch. The Transhuman, a super-villian and friend of Mitch's father, protects him. While Carmen fights the Transhuman, Bonny negotiates with Mitch. She agrees to give him all the answers he wants, if he agrees to go with them. He agrees, the two of them stop Carmen and the Transhuman. Suriel then interrupts as she kills Resurrection Man forcing him to resurrect in another place. Robbing them of their bounty.


    After Bonny Hoffman and Carmen Leno met, they became assassins. The two became known as the 'Body Doubles'. They worked for many people, including (but not limited to) Mistress, Bonny's Uncle Nick, and Requiem, Inc.

    When they were working with Mistress, Bonny and Carmen kidnapped Argent, Power Girl and Deep Blue. They did try to capture Black Canary, but they end up letting her go. The two ladies tried to kill Catwoman when she was running for mayor. The two failed at killing Catwoman.

    They join Alexander Luthor's Secret Society. During Infinite Crisis, they help Riddler (along with many other villians) in Gotham City.

    They are both stranded on planet Salvation. They vouch for taking an injured Hellhound with them after a battle, then throw him to the Lion Lizards as bait.


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