Trodorne's Bodie Troll #1 - Bodie's Bargain review

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OTR #51: You scared bro?

Script and Art: Jay. P. Fosgitt

So after relationships, break ups, more relationships, semi break ups, to break ups, nights of wings and mild brisk amounts of drinking and a large man calling me shirley, that I decided to get back to what I like to do.... reviewing. So rather get on the dark end of things as they have been for some of us, not pointing and fingers.....but I am looking at you.... We get into something new and light hearted. how light hearted? Id say good enough for a first grader. So today lets take a look at the first issue of a 4 issue mini all ages comic. Bodie Troll.


The story is simple and its self contained in this issue. The character Bodie is much like a cartoon character who tries to be scary but how can you be scared of this cute little fuzz ball? This troll has aspects of monster version of Bill Watterson's Calvin. He has a great introduction in this issue to get you used to what Bodie's angle is and how he operates. His interaction with Cholly a older bar maid is cute to say the least. There is Cholly's Fairy godmother who runs the resturaunt and dislikes bodie to a point but uses him to fetch items in exchange for his favourite meal.

Jay keeps it simple and every character in this series has a purpose to be funny or to remind bodie that he is not scary but a cute fuzzy ball. We get a minor adventure as he is sent on an errand for the fairy godmother. One of my personal favourite minor characters is Socko the sock puppet. im not saying im a simple man (shut up im not), but I find is funny when your newscaster is a hand puppet that does commercials and tells the news of the day.

The Bad:

..................... I'll let you know when I can think of one.

Buy? or Burn?:

Ill make this short and sweet. This is a great add to any families list of titles to pick up for kids. especially if you have one that is a wannabe monster. Bodie Troll is a fun series that is worth checking and reading. This should be an instant classic for the kids and the kids at heart.

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