Bobo Bennetti

    Character » Bobo Bennetti appears in 41 issues.

    A former bank robber turned hero, and a notable ally of Jack Knight.

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    Little is known about his early life. At some point in his young adulthood he gained superhuman strength, which he used to facilitate a career in bank robbery, occasionally earning extra money as an enforcer. In a rage, he murdered his wife and her lover, for which he was sent to prison for several decades. Upon release he returned to Opal City, and finding himself uncomfortable in the world after prison, he decided to rob a bank and get himself sent back. His plan is interrupted by the Royal Flush Gang, who attempt to rob the bank he has targeted. Irritated, he teams up with Jack Knight to defeat the usurpers. Hired on as the new head of security for the bank, Bennetti decided to reform for good.


    Bennetti was created by writer James Robinson and artist Tony Harris. He first appeared in Starman #29.

    Major Story Arcs


    When Starman and Mikaal Thomas go into space, they ask Bennetti to take care of Opal City for them. He agrees, and later uncovers a plot by several villains to kill Starman, which he defeats with the assistance of the Shade. He continues to act as one of the city's protectors, aiding other heroes in the defence of their home. He is captured alongside his friends by the villainous Culp, and later joins in the fighting against the villain's compatriots. Following the event he mourns the loss of a friend.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bennetti possesses superhuman strength and attendant invulnerability and stamina. He also appears to be immortal and to have healing abilities.


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