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    Bobcat is an acrobatic mercenary who leads a team of fellow thief-acrobats called the Claws.

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    The true identity of Bobcat is unknown but he is an acrobatic thief that leads a group of costume acrobats called the Claws. Bobcat and his gang are responsible for a series of jewelry store robberies and would come into conflict with Hawkeye as he patrols the streets on his hovercraft. The entire gang dress in the same outfit to confuse their enemies and victims. Bobcat tells his gang to split up and meet at rendezvous point B. An elder gentleman named Winston Kranpuff witnessed the event take place from inside his ride. Mr. Kranpuff has the ability to mind-meld with anyone, where he could slip into another person's mind and seize total control of their body. Mr. Kranpuff would return to his office building and see Hawkeye take on Bobcat and his Claws on a nearby rooftop. Hawkeye takes down the Claws with a stun arrow while Bobcat tries to escape with the loot. Bobcat throws his bolo but the Avenger barely avoided it. During the chase, Mr. Kranpuff would mind-meld with Hawkeye and take over his body. The new host is awkward, clumsy and even loses Hawkeye's bow and arrows. Suddenly Bobcat and the rest of the Claws surround Hawkeye and begin to bombard him with punches. Mr. Kranpuff concentrates and leaves Hawkeye's body. Hawkeye quickly recovers and takes down Bobcat and his gang.

    Significant Stories

    Bobcat was one of many criminals and assassins to be hired by Crossfire to get revenge on Hawkeye. After Crossfire was humiliated from a previous defeat by Hawkeye, he would place a bounty on one of his arms and would pay the criminal thousands if they were successful. Bobcat even got into a brief scuffle with another bounty hunter named Mad Dog over Hawkeye. However Crossfire and his cartel would be defeated by the combine forces of Hawkeye, Mockingbird and Trick Shot.


    Bobcat possesses no superhuman powers but is quite agile and acrobatic for a man that engages in intensive regular exercises. He has been known to employ bolas when he fights and wear gloves that are tipped with razor-sharp claws.


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