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    A visitor to the House of Mystery who is forever a devil.

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    An ordinary child who was trick-or-treating, Bobby and his friends were cursed by a gypsy after they pranked her for not giving them candy. Doomed to trick-or-treat forever, he and his friends constantly materialize on different doorsteps, and have been doing so for decades.


    Bobby was created by Lilah Sturges and Luca Rossi. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2.

    Major Story Arcs

    House of Mystery

    Bobby and the other children arrive at the House of Mystery, where they are invited in by Cain. They are nearly freed of their curse by Madame Scarpignato, but Bobby kills her before she can complete the spell. The children are then pulled away to their next house, that of Madame Xanadu. They later prank Gwen Dylan and her friends. They become briefly trapped in Hell, where they beat up a demon.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bobby is rendered functionally immortal and permanently child-sized by the curse, though he does appear to age.


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