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A normal, short, fat guy who makes a deal with Vetis to get shape-shifting powers.


Written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn and drawn by Mike Hawthorne.

Major Story Arcs

Bobby decides that he is going to fool hot ladies into having sex with him. He changes his appearance to look like Luke Cage to bed Jessica Jones. Two things go wrong: 1) He overcompensates for being black and says "baby" way too much, which tips Jessica off, and 2) Deadpool shows up. Seeing Deadpool, Bobby turns into the Black Widow and gets away. He charms two cops to keep Deadpool busy while he escapes to Times Square. He then turns into a cheerleader and convinces a few men (including Daredevil) to save him/her. Deadpool finally catches up to Bobby and breaks his neck. Vetis arrives and sucks up Bobby's soul.


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