Bobby Soul

    Character » Bobby Soul appears in 26 issues.

    A boy with mutant powers who helped out Kiden Nixon and her friends.

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    A member of Zebra Daddy gang, he was assigned a mission to find Zebra Daddy's runaway lackey X-23

    He was reluctant to do this as he needed to take care of his brother 'Lil Bro' but Daddy offered him enough cash so that Bobby could move to a new place and get his brother into a special clinic.

    Bobby had an older sister named Mali. Mali was walking home one day when she was kidnapped and found dead and naked in a dumpster days later. Bobby's mother then informed him that it was time for him to "Be a Man" 

    Bobby found X-23 on the streets with Kiden Nixon and Catiana and Cameron Palmer. He was all for their capture until things started getting violent. After the massive battle he took Kiden and the gang back to his flat for their own protection.


    Bobby has the ability to project out an astral body and control peoples minds with it. This power is his downfall as it can cause a memory gap and can make him feel sick.


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