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    The last of the first men, but first of Chthon's human followers. He was made immortal, as long as he feed on monsters, in return for poisoning the religions of humanity.

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    When humanity emerged on Earth, they proved capable of abstract thinking. Morals, common faith, and the like threatened Chthon, who held dominion over fear and darkness. Thus, he made a deal with the last of the first men, Geiomar. Chthon made him immortal, capable of feeding on monsters of supernatural origin. In return, he would infiltrate belief systems and try to tear them down.


    Geiomar debuted under the name Bobby Quench in Spider-Man: Unforgiven one-shot, one of three featuring The Forgiven teaming up with a different Marvel character.

    Major Story Arc

    The Leach

    It is told that Geiomar was once in charge of a secret hospital ward for babies that were turned into vampires so early in life that they never had the opportunity to age. By feeding on them as they fed on blood, the babies were able to age. He was called The Leach, after the doctors who would use leaches for bloodletting.


    After the death of Chthon at the hands of Scarlet Witch, Geiomar decided to take his place as the master of darkness. He created a modern identity of Bobby Quench and turned his old secret hospital war into "The Quench for Life Center" in update New York. He rebranded himself as a new age guru to convince people to follow him and make sacrifices. To create his new doctrine though, he needed more raw power, so he planned on making a sacrifice during the Winter Solstice.

    Feeding during on recently fed vampires
    Feeding during on recently fed vampires

    He chose a once trustworthy vampire, Redblood, who he sent undercover into The Forgiven. The Forgiven were attempting to stop vampires from feeding, making them weaker. Quench could not accept that, but Redblood eventually fell for the teachings. Even though she was able to take out their leader, Raizo, before having a change of heart, The Forgiven still banded together to save her. Not just to stop Quench, but to stay true to their leader's creed, believing any vampire willing to do better.

    Quench proved too powerful for them though. They were forced to rig one of their lightbenders (a device that protects them from sunlight for a short period of time) to explode, which Forgiven member, Inka, turned to mist and carried down Quench's throat, sacrificing herself to end Quench.


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