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When Dexter Bennet offered Peter Parker a million dollars for photos of Bobby Carr's new mystery girlfriend he jumped at the chance.

But there was a problem, Carr had a disturbed stalker called Paperdoll who suffered from an imagined relationship with Bobby.

She followed Bobby to his house where he was meeting his mystery girl: Mary Jane Watson

Spider man was able to fight PaperDoll by dragging her in Carr's pool (suffocation is her weakness) with Bobby delivering the knock out shot as she was coming up for air.


Later sensing that his was soon to be type cast as a has been teen Heart trob Bobby Carr took Mutant growth Hormone to gain the bulk needed to play Steve Rogers.

Carr's won the role, but his supply was discover by the DEA while trying to sneak it through airport security. They pressured him to give up his supplier, The White Rabbit.

The Rabbit decided to strike first, she knew Carr would give her up and she wanted to make him an example.

Bobby and Mary Jane Watson were celebrating at trendy LA club when the Rabbit strcuk.

Carr was saved by Mary Jane thanks to her years of experience being Spider man's "girlfriend"

Once safe Carr told Mary Jane the truth and she left him to return to New York.


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